Welcome to The Spoodoir

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”   – Stephen King, On Writing

This is a day of endings and beginnings. If you found this site because of my work for the Geyser of Awesome, then you already know about its ending and I humbly thank you for following me over here for the start of something new. Welcome!

If you’re here because you know me personally or follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr, thank you! It means a great deal to me that you’re joining me on this new endeavor.

If you have no idea what I just referred to, allow me to quickly fill you in: Until about 2 weeks ago, I’ve spent nearly every day of the last 7.5 years combing the Internets for all manner of art, pop culture, science, style, design, technology, food, travel, nature, and human interest-related things I deemed “geyserworthy” and then wrote about for a blog called the Geyser of Awesome. After learning that the Geyser was shutting down I considered how strange it would be to no longer do something that has long been such an essential part of my day. That’s when it dawned on me that there was no need to stop; I could simply do it for myself and, with any luck, some of my existing audience would follow me over here and onward we would go.

So here were are at The Spoodoir. Welcome and thank you for joining me!

For those curious about the name of this site: I have a pet spider (a Phidippus regius or regal jumping spider) named Mabon (that’s her in the graphic on the sidebar). Because she’s a spooder, I refer to her habitat as her spoodoir (credit for that clever term belongs to my friend Gregg). What better name for a blog run by an arachnophile who spends her time searching the Web for things that snare themselves in her… web? Yes, groan all you like. I’m standing by it.

The Spoodoir will be more than simply a continuation of the Geyser of Awesome. While I pursue a career as a freelance writer, working for myself on this site means I can allow my personal taste to play a larger role in what I share and devote more time to the writing aspect of the sharing process. I will also use this space to share personal writing from time to time and intend to invite guest bloggers to share things as well.

I am forever indebted to my ridiculously talented and lovely friend, Becky Munich (here’s her online shop), who not only created all the lovely artwork and assets for The Spoodoir, but also did so in record time. It’s a very special thing when a friend, who is also a skilled and knowledgable artist, is able to take just a few words from you and create the beautiful bones of your new online home.

It’s early days yet, in fact this is only day one. But I have high hopes and lots of ideas for The Spoodoir. Please bear with me as I get things settled and find my rhythm here. Tomorrow I start sharing all sorts of things that I hope will amaze, delight, amuse, distract, enlighten, or otherwise interest you.

By the way, if you want to know more about me, my most recent post over at Haute Macabre, where I’m a staff writer, is a fine place to dive in.

And away we go!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to The Spoodoir

  1. No groaning from this quarter! I AM HERE for all of the arachnid puns you can shoot out of your webby wrists at me! And everything else that you write here, as well <3

  2. I’ve enjoyed starting my days with GoA for years! Very excited to see you continue bringing the world of weird beauty to all of us admirers. Very best wishes to you and your endeavors! Thank you for bringing so much goodness to the innerwebs. Will you have a daily email as well?

    1. Maika

      Thank you, Lisa! I hadn’t considered a daily e-mail for The Spoodoir yet, but if that is something people such as yourself are interested in, I will look into setting it up. 🙂

    2. Maika

      Hi Lisa! I just set up an email newsletter for The Spoodoir to go out Mon-Wed-Fri.
      You may subscribe at your leisure on spoodoir.com at the bottom of the page. 🙂

  3. I’ve replaced GofA with Spoodoir in my rss feed. Please keep up the cool architecture, art, caturdays, papercraft, fun animals. Thanks for your work – it’s been a joy and glad to see things continue.

  4. I’m so happy to follow you here from GoA – you are off to a wonderful start! I’ve followed Geyser for years and find unlimited creative inspiration whenever I tune in. It means so much that you’re continuing on – your hard work is appreciated and anticipated. Oh, and I look forward to Spoodoir merch 😉

    1. Maika

      Wow, I hadn’t even considered Spoodoir merch. Who can say what the future holds where The Spoodoir is concerned. 🙂
      Thank you very much for following me over here to this new adventure. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it thus far.

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