Clue: Penny Dreadful Edition

Two confessions: Vanessa Ives is my Patronus and, although it ended almost two years ago, I continue to actively miss Penny Dreadful.

I also have a nostalgic fondness for the Clue board game and an abiding love for its 1985 movie adaptation, one of my go-to comfort/sick day movies. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why that wonderful film is curently being remade.

So it should surprise no one that I was delighted to discover the existence of a Penny Dreadful-themed edition of Clue, produced by USAopoly.

Mina Murray has been killed and the murderer remains at large– lurking in the darkest corners of Victorian London. In this classic mystery game of CLUE: Penny Dreadful, it’s up to you to uncover the clues and find out WHO killed Mina, WHERE they killed her, and with WHAT weapon. Was it Dorian Gray with a Syringe at the London Zoo? Or was it Vanessa Ives in Ferdinand Lyle’s Mansion with Arsenic?

The game is played on a board of beautifully illustrated locations from Penny Dreadful‘s 1891 London. In my imagination the gas lights flicker, fog rolls in from the docks and spills out of the zoo, shadows whisper and momentarily take menacing shapes, and the occasional scorpion skitters across the board.

Six custom sculpted weapons – tarot cards, a syringe, a bottle of arsenic, a bloody handkerchief, a sword cane, and a pistol – represent each of the game’s six potential suspects: Vanessa Ives, Victor Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, Brona Croft, Sir Malcom Murray, and Ethan Chandler.

The game also includes a deck of Intrigue cards (16 action cards and 8 tarot cards), Personality cards, movers, a pad of clue sheets, and the solution envelope.

Only you (and as many as 5 of your friends) can solve Mina’s murder and bring her killer to justice. If only it were as easy as a round of Clue to bring Penny Dreadful back.

Clue: Penny Dreadful Edition is currently available via Amazon.

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