Argiope aurantia by Jessica Joslin

Like many art collectors, I have a wish list of artists whose original work I long to own. Jessica Joslin has been on that list for years. For anyone not familiar with her captivating work, Jessica creates extraordinary hybrid animal sculptures, ranging from mounted heads to complete bodies (both miniature and life-size), using bones (some real, some replica), glass taxidermy eyes, and all sorts of found objects that she beautifully an quite ingeniously modifies to suit her purposes.

“Antique chandeliers are dissected and reconfigured into anatomical forms. Candy dishes are fashioned into rib-cages. Silver forks are cut, bent, and bolted back together to form articulated monkey toes. The spout of a teapot becomes a fish’s tail. A skull from a cat might be altered to resemble a monkey, or a chicken might be given a new beak to resemble an exotic bird.”

Last year I reached out to Jessica inquiring about commissioning the creation of a spider sculpture. I was thrilled when she quickly agreed, so now it’s only a matter of my budget permitting the project to get underway. In the meantime I was elated when she later began sharing progress photos of the makings of this exquisite new arachnid sculpture of a yellow garden spider, Argiope aurantia, which she created using elaborately repurposed metalwork and painted wood.

From her eight perfectly poised and pointy toes to her gorgeous filigreed abdomen, I can’t stop poring over the details of this enchanting spooder. I hadn’t thought it possible to be even more excited about commissioning an original Jessica Joslin spooder of my own, but here I am, eyes all aglitter.

If ever you have the opportunity to experience Jessica’s creatures in person, don’t hesitate to do so. The first time I greeted her sculptures face to face I was utterly transfixed and kept waiting for them to subtly move or blink. But they probably tend to wait until no one is looking.

Jessica currently has shows two coming up, one at the Lisa Sette Gallery in May and one at Haven Gallery in September.

Find Jessica Joslin: Website // Instagram // Twitter // Shop

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