When snow falls in Japan…

Japanese Twitter user @skull0502 recently shared these decidedly creepy photos of the windshield of their parents’ car covered in snowy faces purportedly created using the mask in the top photo.

However we’re not convinced. Japan is a country brimming with ghosts and other supernatural entities, so it wouldn’t surprise us in the least to learn that this is simply how the snow falls there sometimes.

Disembodied snow phantoms are just the tip of the haunted iceberg where Japanese ghosts are concerned. If you’re interested in spirits and Japanese culture, I highly recommend checking out Zack Davisson‘s marvelous book Yurei: The Japanese Ghost (also available on Kindle), a spooky, fascinating, and thoroughly entertaining exploration of Japan’s ghosts.

“Combining his lifelong interest in Japanese tradition and his personal experiences with these vengeful spirits, Davisson launches an investigation into the origin, popularization, and continued existence of yurei in Japan. Juxtaposing historical documents and legends against contemporary yurei-based horror films such as The Ring, Davisson explores the persistence of this paranormal phenomenon in modern day Japan and its continued spread throughout the West.”

[Images via SuperPunch]

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