Cutting-edge Undies or Hands-free Pet Carriers?

If the primary purpose of a bra is to support one’s breasts, what better way to demonstrate how effectively a particular bra design supports different breast sizes than by…

Wait for it…

Having men wear transparent versions of said bra, the cups of which hold pairs of small animals whose weight supposedly corresponds with the weight of various women’s breasts? And then don’t forget to have those men demonstrate the ease of playing different sports while wearing those transparent, cute-animal-laden bras.

Sure, why not. That’s precisely what happens in this bemusing, amusing, and strangely cute Japanese Wacoal sports bra commercial:

For the record, this might not actually be an official Wacoal company commercial. According to SoraNews24:

“The video doesn’t appear on the company’s website or official YouTube channel, and only attracted attention in Japan after a Twitter user shared screen captures and a link to the video on LiveLeak. There’s also the fact that while the woman in the video is speaking Japanese, and the large-font text that names the animals and sports is Japanese as well, the video’s hard subtitles are in Chinese.”

Regardless of the commercial’s authenticity, those of us who wear bras now know the animal equivalent of our respective cup sizes.

[via SoraNews24]

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