Dance Those Monday Blues Away…

Whatever the week has in store for you, this shiny, sassy Nosferatu, working their preternatural dance moves to the infectiously uplifting zyn-zyn-zyn of Q-pop, has your back:

I’m just sorry I’ve only been able to find 25 seconds of this inexplicable yet undeniably delightful video to share with you here. Would that I could tell you more about this mesmerizing creature.

UPDATE: Thanks to the ever so lovely and endlessly inspiring Darla Teagarden, I’ve just learned that our fabulous dancing Nosferatu is Arran Shurvinton. Now we may all carry on basking in their shiny, shimmying glory knowing exactly who they are!

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Captured from @ulrikestorch insta story!

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[via Sbornik.prikolov]

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