Yesterday In Squirrel-themed Fashion…

I love stylish hats. Pretty much anyone looks good in the right hat, in part because the perfect hat makes you feel fabulous.

I can’t watch period films or tv shows without quietly mourning the fact that people simply don’t wear hats like they used to. In my imagination there was once an Ollivanders just for hats. Now, thanks to this 1870s photo of Victorian actress Lydia Thompson, I’m also mourning the fact that people don’t wear squirrels like they used to.

But at least now we know that when people did wear taxidermy squirrels as hats, they did so with great flair. Thank you, Jack Mord, for once again making the world a richer, weirder place by allowing us to look back in time via your marvelous photo collection.

If you aren’t already familiar with Jack Mord, his phenomenal collection of post mortem, mourning, and medical photographs is housed at The Thanatos Archive. Assuming such things strike your fancy, I strongly recommend checking out both the archive itself, Jack’s Instagram account (where he also shares gems like Ms Thompson in her rodent fascinator), and his book, Beyond the Dark Veil: Post Mortem & Mourning Photography from The Thanatos Archive.

What’s more, if you’ve got some extra pennies rattling around in your pockets, check out Diabolus, Jack’s Etsy shop where he sells all sorts of rare and wondrous photos.

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