Welcome home, little vervet.

Because sometimes what you need most is to watch the joyous moment when a young vervet monkey is reunited with his family.

His name is Pearce and he had seriously injured his leg, possibly on barbed wire, when he was spotted by a Kingsway High School student in Amanzimtoti, South Africa. The student contacted the Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center, who quickly sent out volunteers to catch the unfortunate monkey.

“We tried for three hours … but his overprotective mother would not allow us close enough to catch him by hand,” Nigel Wright, a volunteer for Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center, told The Dodo. “So we came back the next morning with a metal cage that we use to trap injured monkeys.”

Welcome home, little monkey. And well done, members of the Umsizi Vervet Rescue Center.

[via /r/gifs and the dodo]

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