The Present Past: Travis Louie at Creatura House

Though I no longer live there and only visit about once a month, I can still say with confidence that Seattle hasn’t been the same since Kirsten Anderson closed her Roq la Rue gallery two years ago. She did it for very good and noble reasons, but the city lost an invaluable venue where so much extraordinary Pop Surrealist art was shared during its 18 years in operation.

That is, until this past December when Kirsten opened Creatura House, her new Seattle venue which is part gallery space and part boutique of wondrous treasures, including exquisite cicada rings, brooches, and pendants handmade by Flannery Grace. I can’t help but wonder if Seattle suddenly feels more like itself again.

Now NY-based artist Travis Louie, a regular exhibitor at Roq la Rue, has brought his dapper Victorian and Edwardian era creatures to Creatura House for a new show of painting and drawings entitled The Past Present.

Among these new pieces is this charming pika, perhaps the single cutest creature Travis Louie has ever created:

The Past Present will be on display at Creatura house until March 4, 2018.

The Past Present is also entirely sold out, but if you’re in the market for some new Travis Louie art, he and fellow artist Travis Lampe created all the artwork for a new card throwing/tile game called Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War, which is in plentiful supply via Amazon.

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[via Hi-Fructose]

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