Enter The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus

We live in the age of internet-famous cats. Yet anyone who shares their life with a cat or cats know that their cats are also amazing, utterly singular, decidedly weird, and worthy of the world’s attention. Thus begins a brand new, weekly feature here on The Spoodoir: The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus.

From now on I want to use Caturday to celebrate your cats, to add them to the EOIFC. Send me your cats! Okay, not literally. I love your cats, but I already live with 4 of my own and they’re picky about their housemates. But please send me big beautiful photos of and details about your cats.

Said details may take the form of profile bullet points such as age, sex, breed/appearance, how you met each other, favorite and least favorite things, hobbies, preferred food/treats, places they sleep, places they hide, weird habits, favorites toys, costumes, whatever. You’re also welcome to share favorite anecdotes about them with me. Does your cat have their own social media page or hashtag? Make sure to include that too. You know your cat best so what should the world know about them?

By the way, this offer doesn’t only extend to living cats. If you have a dearly departed feline friend you want to celebrate, please do! We’re here to honor and enjoy all the cats, living and dead.

Tell me as much or as little about your cat as you like and I will tell the world. Or rather, I’ll tell anyone who’s following The Spoodoir.

Submit your cats to maika@spoodoir.com and help make the internet even more cat-crazy than it already is.

Now let’s get started with the very first inductee to The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus:

Name: Magpie Underfoot

Age: 10

Human companions/minions: Sonya Vatomsky and Gregg Neville

Likes: Fancy Feast. Knocking things off the shelves. Biting my ankles. Singing the song of her people at 5 in the morning.

Dislikes: Seeing the bottom of her food dish. Closed doors. All human food except cheddar cheese and the weird cheese powder you get on your fingers when eating goldfish crackers.

Sonya tells The Spoodoir: “When she first came home from the shelter with me, I named her “Magpie” after recurring symbolism in the 80s prog rock band Marillion’s work. The “Underfoot” came later, when a vet referred to her as “Magpie Vatomsky” and it didn’t feel right that she would take my last name. She’s not that kind of cat.”

I adopted Magpie in 2008, around a year after I graduated from uni and was living alone without any roommates. I’m now in my 30s so she has basically been my constant companion through a very transformative decade. Initially, I had been planning on adopting an older cat, but when I got to the shelter, Magpie was meowing at me from across the room and it just clicked.

The vet later estimated that she was around six months old, but the shelter wasn’t sure. They had just picked her up off the street and she was horrifically underweight. But she was curious and loud and followed me everywhere around my apartment. She still regularly sleeps by my face, my nose in her fur.

Photo by _rant_

Having had the pleasure of Magpie’s company on numerous occasions now, I can personally attest to marvelousness and impudence of this singular cat. Magpie of the softest fur, the most unpredictable swat, the best eyeliner, and the ability to wither you with a glance.

For many more photos and even the occasional video of Magpie, follow her on Instagram via #magpieunderfoot.

Now, who’s going to join The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus next?

Send your cat photos and infos to me via maika@spoodoir.com!

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