Fenton the Doggo, Chaser of Deer and Monday Blues Alike

Because sometimes what you need most, especially on a Monday, is to be reminded of the existence of this video of a dog named Fenton living his very best Labrador life, chasing an entire herd of red deer through London’s Richmond Park as his horrified human, editorial consultant Max Findlay, runs after him, his futile shouts at the ecstatic dog echoing across the park:

If you’d like to follow along as you watch (and tears of laughter stream down your cheeks), here’s a transcript of Findlay’s shouts courtesy of Metro.co.uk:

Fenton. Fenton. Fenton! Fentooon!! Fentoooon!!! Fentoooooooon!!!! Fentoooon!!! Oh, Jesus Christ! Fentooon!!!! Oh, Jesus Christ! FENTON!!! Oh, Christ! Oh, Christ.

This video recently became even funnier for me thanks to a Redditor commenting on a post in /r/zoomies. You see, it turns out that Fenton isn’t just an energetic doggo. He also once flunked out of guide dog class:

My friend works for Guide Dogs London with dogs that went for Guide Dog training but were found to be unsuitable for whatever reason. She fosters them while a more suitable home is found for them that doesn’t require guide dog skills.

When this video got huge she was in stitches because she recognised the dog. Yup. She once had Fenton. Although when he was with her he was actually called Benton, the owner in the gif changed it.

Is it any wonder Fenton wasn’t suitable for guide dog status?

But wait, Fenton’s viral video becomes even funnier still when you see what YouTuber DarkShadow did with the audio from Fenton’s famous run and a scene from Jurassic Park:

Then another YouTuber, lazlouz201, did the same thing with the stampede scene from The Lion King:

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