David Lynch Teaches Typing

“That typing tutor you like is coming is coming back in style!”

I’m always eager for more work from David Lynch. There’s no telling yet if there’s going to be a 4th season of Twin Peaks. (If you’re curious about my thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return, check out the two pieces I wrote about it for Haute Macabre here and here.) I recently took advantage of a Criterion sale to fill in some gaps in my film collection, including Mulholland Drive. And, last time I checked, David Lynch said he hadn’t officially retired from filmmaking, “Simply that nobody knows what the future holds.”

Fortunately David Lynch is many things, not just a maker of singularly strange and fascinating movies and tv shows. He’s also a painter, a photographer, and a musician. And once he taught us how to cook quinoa:

Now, thank to Rhino Stew Productions, he’s also a retro typing tutor!

David Lynch Teaches Typing is a free game for Windows, Mac, and Linux that combines late 80s/early 90s Mavis Beacon-style typing tutor software with the enigmatic, idiosyncratic creative icon that is David Lynch.

While it’s true that the real David Lynch has absolutely nothing to do with this game, the impersonation of him, or rather of Lynch performing as shouty, enunciative, and decidedly upbeat FBI Deputy Director Gordon Cole, is incredibly endearing.

I don’t want to spoil any of the game’s surprises, but if you think this is going to be a straight-forward typing lesson that’s simply guided by David Lynch, then you haven’t experienced enough of his oeuvre. Suffice it to say this is an extradimensional typing tutor that’s sure to delight your Lynchian fandom.

David Lynch Teaches Typing is currently available via free download from Itch.io.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]

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