Neko zamurai, Samurai Cat

On Caturday we celebrate the existence of Neko Zamurai, a Japanese TV series about Kyutaro Madarame, a humorless samurai known as “Madara The Devil,” so desperate for work that he accepts a job to assassinate Tamanojo, a rival’s cat accused of “possessing a man’s soul.”

Upon encountering the cat Madara is so charmed by the green-eyed feline that he finds he can’t go through with the dark deed. Instead he makes off with Tamanojo, now his furry new friend, who he has to conceal inside his kimono while fighting the enemies he created by sparing the kitty’s life.

Yes, this is a real show. According to Nerdist it ran for two seasons, from 2013 to 2015, and I wish it were all available to watch online. Here’s the trailer:

I hope the fact that word about Neko Zamurai is currently spreading across the Internets means more of it will surface. For now we’ll have to content ourselves with the trailer and this scene in which Madara gives Tamanojo a bath while serenading the cat with a murderous song:

[via Nerdist and AV Club]

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