Who’s Who in The EOIFC

Happy Caturday! Let’s all raise a sprig of catnip to welcome the two newest members of The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus.

Name: Grim the Grey

Likes: Boxes. Darting out the front door. Freeze-dried chicken necks. Tuna Open widows.

Dislikes: Forced cuddles The anti-shedding brush. Blinds.

Name: Asmodeus (his rabies tag is number 666)

Likes: His fish toy. My soft measuring tape. Tuna. Tables. Playing all the time. Cuddles.

Dislikes: when you stop playing

Human companions/minions:Jennie Jones

Jennie tells The Spoodoir: “Our two cats found us one day when they popped through a hole in our back fence. They were about 8 months old and had collars but no identification. They looked like they had been outside a while and were covered in fleas. We took them to the vet to get checked out and to see if they were chipped but they weren’t! They’ve been with us almost a year now.”

For plenty more photos and video of Grim and Asmodeus, follow them on Instagram at @asmodeus_and_grim and their doting human at @shimmer_n_rot.

Who’s going to be next to join The Eminent Order of Inscrutable Felis Catus?

Submit your cats to maika@spoodoir.com. Send me photos of them (the larger the better), tell me as much or as little about your cat as you like, be sure to include social media links if you have them, and I will share your kitties here on The Spoodoir on Caturday.

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