Dreaming in Ink: TesseraE II by Daniel Kern

Because there’s no such thing as too many books of beautiful art in one’s home, I’m pleased to help spread the word that MA-based artist Daniel Kern is preparing to release his second book of fantastical ink drawings, TesseraE II. The book itself is already complete. Kern is using Kickstarter to help fund the actual publishing.

TesseraE began two years ago during the best Inktober I’ve ever had. I created thirty-one 6 x 8 ink drawings in as many days and, looking at them all, I realized they all shared a similar aura, one that I would spend the next year or so delving into and discovering more of these manifestations. I learned to look within and found myself boundlessly lost in a dense forest. In this place I discovered many things and TesseraE is my attempt to personify these things into the physical world to try to understand them.

The TesseraE II Kickstarter features a variety of pledge levels, including both digital and physical copies of the book (the latter of which will be signed and numbered), art prints, original ink sketches and drawings, watercolor paintings, the option to acquire both a copy of this new book and a copy of TesseraE I, and even a hardcover copy of TesseraE II with an original oil painting created on its cover.

Visit the TesseraE II Kickstarter page for additional information.

Find Daniel Kern: Website // Instagram // Facebook // Webstore


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