Extraterrestrial Earthscapes: Lux Noctis by Reuben Wu

For a breathtaking series entitled Lux Noctis, Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu combines drones equipped with lights and long-exposure night photography to capture images of remote landscapes that look like glimpses of alien worlds.

In addition to using drones as stationary light sources, Wu uses them to create paths, bright haloes, over the highest peaks of his chosen terrain.

“I see it as a kind of ‘zero trace’ version of land art where the environment remains untouched by the artist, and at the same time is presented in a sublime way which speaks to 19th century Romantic painting and science and fictional imagery,” said Wu to Colossal.

Visit Reuben Wu’s website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook to check out more of his otherworldly landscape photography.

[via Colossal]

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