Meet Dog the Cat, Star of the Haiphong Market

Meet Chó, aka Dog the cat, because sometimes one simply can’t wait until Caturday to share such an impressively cute kitty as this furry gentleman.

Chó (which is Vietnamese for ‘dog’) is a 3-year-old Scottish Fold kitty who lives with his human Le Quoc Phong, a street market vendor in Haiphong, Vietnam. According to Le Quoc Phone, the cat was named Dog because he often breathes with his mouth open and behaves like a doggo in other ways too.

Using his fancy dress sense and knack for striking dapper poses (with the help of plush costume arms), Chó earns his keep by guarding (or at least giving the appearance of guarding) the various foods Le Quoc Phong is selling. Perhaps more importantly, by being so cute and happily posing for photos, all the market shoppers even fellow sellers are drawn to Chó and thus to whatever his human is selling.

In case anyone is concerned about how Chó feels about wearing his costumes:

Le Quoc Phong tells Bored Panda, “My little cat loves taking pictures. He’s also very cooperative when wearing the costumes.”  “Dog feels very cosy [in these costumes] and can walk normally.”

While it’s natural to assume that Chó’as favorite responsibility is minding the fish, he seems more than willing to mind things like eggs or leafy greens too.

But Chó doesn’t spend all of his time minding the market. He has a selection of fabulous leisure day costumes and, according to Le Quoc Phong, he also loves “ice cream, traveling and sleeping.”

“He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country.”

Follow Dog the Cat on Instagram or Le Quoc Phong on Facebook for more photos and even the occasional video of Chó being impressively charismatic and cute.

[via Bored Panda]

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