Upcycled Textile Dissection: Sabine Feliciano’s Wild Textile World

For her ever-growing “Wild Textile World,” Saint-Étienne, France-based designer and artist Sabine Feliciano repurposes worn fabrics and other textile remnants, assembling and sewing soft sculptures of various animals in a state of mid-dissection. They’re the softest, most colorful, least malodorous biology lessons you never attended.

“Mixing techniques to give another look at needlework,” the artist says, in a statement, “I search materials, transforming them again or using their story as a frame. Transcribing a sensation is the main driver of my work. Mixing the fibers, torturing the cup I caress the thread of life to create an emotion. A process that goes from dyeing to weaving. Fabric, crochet and embroidery will be embellished with pearls and pebbles to give birth to a unique object.”

Visit Sabine Feliciano’s website to explore more of her anatomy-inspired textile art.

[via Hi-Fructose]

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