Nux Knitting on the Fury Road

If I’m going to knit, I’m going to knit historic, on the fury road!

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Trying to get work done on #furyroad set #knitlife

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Because sometimes what you need most is to learn that English actor Nicholas Hoult, pictured above in costume as Nux, one of Immortan Joe’s War Boys, passed the time between scenes on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road by learning how to knit and later, as he got better at it, knitting gifts for his fellow actors.

I’m the man who grabs the yarn, knitting to Valhalla!

This sweet photo is a few years old, but I only just discovered it myself. There’s something about seeing Nux patiently knitting and purling, the juxtaposition of a savage yet ailing War Boy concentrating on his stitches, that makes the world seem like a gentler place. It gets even better when you learn that it was Furiosa who taught him how to knit in the first place.

We’d knit. There are photos of Nick, all muscular in leather pants with his head shaved, knitting a scarf. He made a ton of stuff. He made all our Christmas presents. I think Tom got in on it. But he dropped a lot of stitches. Not a world class knitter in my opinion.  – Charlize Theron in Empire, June 2015.

Hoult talked to German magazine Jolie about how, despite the brutal, action-packed nature of Fury Road, he spent his downtime during filming engaged in calmer pursuits:

I’d often go to yoga and – you’ll laugh – Charlize Theron taught me how to knit. So there was a lot of variety. There are even a few photos of me in leather pants and war paint, knitting. I’d get really mad if I lost my place… These days, I don’t even have to look down anymore. By the end of the year I’d made some knitted Christmas presents. And: I was much better than Tom Hardy.

I never thought I’d do something as shine as that!

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