Invitation to a New View of the Moon

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Wylie Overstreet had a simple idea born of boredom that produced extraordinary results. He took his telescope out of his home, set it up on the streets and boardwalks of L.A., and then invited passersby to take a look at the moon and experience a very familiar object in a whole new way.

Overstreet and fellow filmmaker Alex Gorosh filmed people as they reacted to what was likely their first personal up-close look at the moon, so close that, to quote one person, “That looks like it’s right down the street, man!”

I dare you not to experience a frisson of emotion while watching all sorts of people express the same degree of pure wonder, often using the very same words, wearing the same unguarded expression of awe on their faces, as they take their first true look at the moon:

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]

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