Art + Science = Plush Petri Dishes by Elin Thomas

Instead of manipulating molds and bacteria, Bristol, UK-based fiber artist Elin Thomas uses embroidery, needle felting, and crochet to create exquisite soft specimens of colorful mold, fuzzy spores, and delicate lichen that she displays in 8cm borosilicate glass petri dishes, mounts as wearable brooches and statement rings, sews onto wallets and purses, or creates as wall art.

Each plush specimen is entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind. Thomas has found ways to use thread, cloth, and individual fibers to reproduce the appearance of compounding clusters of blooming bacteria and mold, furry fungus, and hair-like spores. She makes organic shapes and textures that many people naturally find off-putting suddenly seem cute and even pettable.

Thomas sells her creations via her webstore and her Etsy shop. If you or someone you know has a dream petri dish you’d like to see made real, she takes custom orders as well. You too can have you own adorable pet mold or fungal specimen.

Visit Elin Thomas’ website to check out more of her soft, scientastic artwork.

[via Colossal and My Modern Met]

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