Akira 100%: Japan’s Hypnotic Naked Cure for Your Monday Blues

Monday? What’s Monday? You won’t remember either after watching Japanese comedian Akira 100% display his skills with a metal tray, a small silver pendulum, and his own body, which is completely naked save for a sparkly yellow bowtie. In addition to the nude antics themselves, there’s something about how utterly delighted he is with himself for accomplishing these feats of unclothed optical trickery.

It’s the “Never Show “anything” Show”! You’re welcome:

Even without clothes, the heart is a gentleman. Everyone, 100% of Akira is the naked king who won the R-1 Crown Championship 2017. Akira 100% The second part of the absolutely unseen video of the channel! It is performance with pendulum this time too! Please enjoy a few seconds

But wait, this is actually the second time that Akria 100% has treated the world to his bare skin moves. The first involves a Newton’s cradle:

Here’s hoping there will be many more episodes of the “Never Show “anything” Show” to come. The world needs more of this unique form of naked nonsense.

[via Geekologie]

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