Lil’ Bits Japan, Where the Sushi is Tiny

Hey listen, is your mouth tiny and small? Then why don’t you come to our Lil’ Bits. Where the food is tiny. It looks like regular food but really tiny. You put it in your mouth and eat it and nothing gets stuck in your lips. It’s just tiny and tiny and fits right in…”

Because sometimes what you need most is a serving of the tiniest sushi on earth. At Sushiya no Nohachi in Tokyo, chef Hironori creates nigiri sushi so incredibly itty-bitty, each piece is prepared using single grains of rice.

Hironori prepare seven types of tiny sushi: Toro (tuna), Tai (sea bream), Chūtoro (medium fatty tuna), Hokkigai (surf clam), Uni (sea urchin), Tako (octopus), and Tamago (egg), all of which are served with Gari (pickled ginger). What’s more, one plate of miniature nigiri is free provided you order $50 worth of regular-size sushi.

From Tofugu,

‘The tiny sushi idea originally came from a customer in 2002 who challenged the owner’s son (Ikeno Hironori) to see how small he could make a piece of sushi. Over time, it became something they were known for. …He told us that one woman from Europe burst into tears and cried for an hour and a half after seeing the cute, little sushi.”

In my heart I know there’s an Interdimensional Cable commercial for Sushiya no Nohachi. “You hungry? Come on down…”

[via GeekologieTofugu, and JapanTravel]

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