Welcome to King Country: A Tribute to Stephen King by Jordan Monsell

In King Country everyone can hear you scream… but do they care?

Behold the monstrous glory that is “King Country,” a visual tribute to the career of legendary author Stephen King created by Los Angeles-based illustrator and humorist Jordan Monsell. With 56 novels and over 200 short stories under his belt (to say nothing of all the non-fiction, screenplays, essays, collaborations, and even poetry), and two more novels, The Outsider and Elevation, due out later this year, King has created countless characters, places, and objects that vividly inhabit the page, the big and small screen, and of course haunt the minds of millions of faithful fans.

Inspired both by the work Stephen King himself as well drawing visual inspiration from Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel, Monsell packed his “King Country” poster with a feral swarm of 171 characters and other references (and a few easter eggs) from King’s numerous creations.

While some of the references will be obvious even to those who’ve only dipped their toes into King’s oeuvre, it’s a good thing Monsell also created a key for his piece, because others might even stump some of the most devoted Stephen King fans.

Click here to view a larger version of “King Country” and then check the key to see how many characters and other references you can identify correctly. And then see how well you sleep tonight after revisiting so many of King’s unsettling brainchildren.

Monsell will be selling 16×20″ prints of “King Country” during Monsterpalooza (at table 97) from April 135h-15th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. But don’t worry if you can’t attend the convention, Monsell will be selling additional prints after that, which he’ll be announcing via Facebook.

Visit Jordan Monsell’s website to check out more of his artwork.

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