Oracular Creatures and Arcane Spaces: The Enigmatic Art of Jenna Barton

Deep woods hide saints of another kind — holy, unholy, beast and divine.

I’m not sure how I’ve only just discovered the work of American illustrator and designer Jenna Barton, but better now than never at all and rest assured I’m paying close attention now.

you’ve seen the dog outside of town, lying where the witches were buried.

I have a particular fondness for visual art that invites the viewer to construct their own narratives about what they’re seeing. Barton’s cryptic scenes and enigmatic creatures don’t just seem to demand this sort of response, the storytelling starts inside your head before you’ve even realized it.

Here, at the end of all beautiful things.

In addition to creating beautifully haunting pictures for us to bask in and ponder, Barton also creates editorial illustrations, album artwork and posters, and game artwork.

You felt alive here–fearful and wild and beautiful.

Although she’s currently all booked up, Barton also takes commissions for illustrations and custom tattoo designs.

strange omens gather at the end of the street

You can check out more of Jenna Barton’s wonderful creations on her website or by following her on Instagram or Facebook. She also has a web store full of prints and other lovely merch covered in her designs.

The suburbs hum with witchcraft as the night comes swiftly on.

I, for one, actively hope that at least a few of Barton’s eldritch beings follow me into my dreams. I tend to have nightmares and something tells me they’re exactly the sort of backup I could use.

it beckons below the surface
we all meet in the end
I feel them there, just out of sight—haunting the place we left behind.
They’re waiting beyond the trees.

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