TGIF: Thank Goodness for Interspecies Friendship

Meet Maru the hamster and Mogu the cat, two furry and bewhiskered friends who live together with their human, Japanese Twitter user @Hachi_Arnm.

They love a good evening cuddle:

Followed by some mutual snoot sniffing, after which Maru sets about seeking the softest, warmest place to settle in:

Maru also enjoys using Mogu as a feline climbing wall, which Mogu doesn’t appear to mind at all. In fact, Mogu is more interested in the occasional opportunity to groom his tiny friend:

Follow @Hachi_Arnm for more heartwarming photos and videos of interspecies pals as well as cats and hamsters being intensely cute all by themselves.

Here’s hoping the weekend treats you as well as these two furry friends treat each other.

[via SoraNews24]

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