Today in Chainmail Cephalopod Couture….

Because sometimes what you need most is an aluminum chainmail octopus to wear upon your head, their shiny metal tentacles draped around your body in a manner that’s at once elegant, mysterious, protective, and singularly serene.

Stop passersby in their tracks with your tentacular couture and possibly summon a Great Old One simply by walking around.

This decidedly Cthulhian creation is the work of Chicago-based artist, jewelry and fashion designer Vanessa Walilko.

If you’re interested in learning how to make some chainmail jewelry of your own, Walilko wrote a book that’ll teach you how. Entitled Chain Mail + Color, it’s currently available via Amazon.

Chain Mail + Color features a fun collection of 20 chain mail projects made from colorful aluminum jump rings and aluminum scales, disks, and washers. This new spin on chain mail takes traditional weaves and gives them a fresh, new perspective by incorporating these fun components. Unique projects plus color variations, including earrings, lariats, necklaces, bracelets, and a pin are in this collection. The projects are organized by material so there is a great variety of projects using scales, disks, and washers. A gallery of author Vanessa Walilko’s work, including chain mail vests, completes the book.

Follow Vanessa Walilko on Facebook or Instagram to check out more of her wearable works of art and keep up with her latest creations.

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