A Tale of Chilean Wildfires and Three Very Good Doggos

Because sometimes what you need most is to learn about a trio of goodest girls using their canine smarts and boundless energy to help replant burned forestland in Chile.

Photo by Martin Bernetti

Meet 6-year-old Das and her two daughters, Olivia and Summer, three beautiful Border Collies working to help re-seed lands in the Maule Region of central Chile that were devastated last year by over 100 different wildfires.

More than one million acres of forest land were lost to the fires, but these special dogs have been trained to run through the newly barren land while wearing special backpacks that release native seeds as they run. Those seeds will take root and help revitalize lands that were once lush with trees and other vegetation.

That’s right, these puppers are replanting forests simply by doing what they love best, running around like crazy. It just happens that during these runs they’re scattering approximately 20 pounds of seeds over a 15 mile area.

Of course, these three talented doggos aren’t doing this all by their canine selves. They’re trained by their humans, sisters Francisca and Constanza Torres.

Francisca told Mother Nature Network, “They reeeeeally love [it]!! It’s a country trip, where they can run as fast as they can and have a great time.”

Francisca Torres is also the founder of an animal-centric community called Pewos and together the sisters have taken it upon themselves to cover the costs for all of the seeds, supplies, and transportation required for this ongoing project.

For more photos of these do-gooding doggos, follow Summer The Border Collie on Instagram.

Visit the Pewos website to learn more about Torres’ ongoing efforts to improve her community.

[via My Modern Met and GreenMatters]

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